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Discover the healing power of Dru Yoga. Suitable for all ages, body shapes and abilities. No fitness or flexibility needed to benefit from Dru Yoga. Enquire today.

Discover the healing power of Dru Yoga

Dru Yoga is based on ancient yogic tradition and draws upon the most effective techniques from a variety of complementary and western disciplines. Dru Yoga encourages the connection between your body, heart and mind with soft, flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation.

Heartmovements Dru Yoga acknowledges the traditional owners of land upon which we practice yoga, the Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nation for they hold the stories, culture and lore. We pay respect to their elders past and present. 

You will find Dru Yoga at Heartmovements, Tecoma, deeply relaxing and rejuvenating to your whole being. The energy block release (EBR) sequences help you release stuck energy, strengthen joints and influence your subtle energy channels.

When you practice Dru Yoga regularly, you will start to sleep better, relax deeply, soften, be still, be more flexible and balanced both physically and mentally and you will correct your posture, strengthen your core, and breathe with greater ease. 

If you doubt your ability to practice yoga or you wish to deepen your yoga practice, then Dru Yoga is for you. There is no need to be fit or flexible making Dru Yoga suitable for people of all abilities, fitness levels and age groups.

Dru Yoga can be easily modified to suit you and can be complementary to any deep healing process such as Chronic Fatigue, FMS, Multiple Sclerosis as well as low back pain,stress, insomnia, grief, anxiety and exhaustion.

Shakti has trained in Restorative Yoga and classes may include some restorative yoga poses. Shakti has attended training on Trauma Sensitive Yoga. This means she teaches in a way where those who have experienced trauma feel safe and supported. Shakti has also attended training in Hanna Somatics with Shelley Fruend and Lisa Petersen and brings this practice to her classes. Hanna Somatics is a movement awareness system that offers a safe and profound way to release over active muscles thus releasing old body patterns that cause pain and tension. These slow and gentle movements retrain the nervous system and the brain. Shakti is currently studying for her Diploma of Yoga Therapy , this brings a wealth of yogic healing and practices to her teaching skills.

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All classes are at 1566 Burwood Highway, Tecoma.
Love Ya'Lumbar Classes are at held in a beautiful private  studio in Belgrave.

Dru Yoga for healing trauma.

Dru Yoga is particularly effective to slowly release the effects of trauma. Dru Yoga techniques work gently and effectively with emotional pain and support the cultivation of a positive outlook. 

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Why should you practice Dru Yoga?

The ancient yogis wanted to find a way to become one with creation. They lived amongst the astounding beauty of nature and watched the earth, sun, moon, sky, trees, animals, and insects. They developed postures and practices that mirrored nature and thus learnt a way to truly connect with creation. Yoga has survived all the changes in the world, politics and disagreements and is with us today because it is a proven way to guide us back to our true nature. Bringing our body, mind and soul into unity and connecting with our true nature fills us with peace and radiance. It’s then that we start to glow with the life force that sustains all beings. This is the same life force that moves the tides, grows a tree and energises the sun. Dru Yoga aligns you with and awakens you to this life force through its subtle yet powerful energy based movements, affirmations,exploration of the koshas and specific breathing techniques. No other yoga has this unique approach and this is what makes a Dru Yoga class so different.

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