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My first experience with Dru Yoga changed my life. Read how and the reasons I love sharing Dru Yoga with the community of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges.

My first Dru Yoga class changed my life

I had never heard of Dru Yoga until my first class in Byron Bay, NSW. At the end of the class I was so peaceful and still. I felt like I’d been on a week long retreat! The effect was so profound I wanted to share it with others. 

I became an accredited practitioner of Dru Yoga with the help of Dru Yoga Australia. I created Heartmovements Dru Yoga and I’ve been sharing the benefits of Dru Yoga with the community of the beautiful Dandenong Ranges since 2004. I changed the name to reflect my changing direction in April 2019 to Heartmovements Therapeutic Yoga.


Peace, stillness, happiness, bliss...

The benefits of teaching yoga are many but its gift to me is the bliss I see on my student’s faces. They come in looking and feeling stressed and by the end of the class they are relaxed and smiling. Being part of that transformation is very special to me.

I am constantly amazed at the effects that a Yoga class has on all my students. The women in my class who have chronic illnesses often comment that they have never been able to reach the depth of calm peace and ongoing positive changes in their lives with any other style of yoga, exercise or therapy.

On a personal level, Yoga gives me time out and always uplifts me. No matter how exhausted I feel before I practice, I always finish my practice feeling fantastic. I love how accessible this style of Yoga is. It’s so inclusive and has something for everyone regardless of your age, body shape or abilities. It is particularly good for anyone suffering from a chronic illness. I was able to heal my lumbar spine pain through yoga and somatics.

My friends have all commented on the profound change they have noticed in me since I started the teacher training in 2004. Personally I smile more, I am more accepting of myself and others, I care more deeply about myself and others and I am committed to sharing the transformation I have experienced with all I meet.

A little about me.

I had a career in community health nursing/family therapy counselling and midwifery spanning over 30 years. I am a full member of the International Yoga Teachers Association of Australia. I graduated with a Diploma of Yoga Therapy after a 3 year course in 2019. I now offer private Yoga Therapy consultations. These enhance your experience of the classes or can be experienced on their own, a very gentle and powerful way to heal.

I strive to fill each class with lightness, fun, enthusiasm and stillness so that my students can experience the many benefits of Therapeutic Yoga.

I look forward to meeting you one day and sharing the wonderful world of Therapeutic Yoga with you.To get a flavour of my classes and examples of Yogic wisdom and teachings please see my Facebook page.

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Sending you love and blessings from my heart to yours, Shakti .