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Testimonials and reviews from attendees of Shakti McLaren’s popular Dru yoga classes in Belgrave, Australia.

What others have said about
Therapeutic Yoga

"I had never heard of this Yoga until I have enrolled in Shakti's class 7 weeks ago. I wanted an alternative way of healing myself from past childhood trauma and recent grief. This yoga has been such an amazing and powerful tool for me in a very short time. The gentle practice has helped me alleviate some of the current stresses that I have had daily. It has also supported me reconnecting with my own self. After a yoga session, I feel calmer and more grounded. Week by week, I have noticed an increased sense of well being and stillness within me. Shakti is also a very friendly teacher who is super talented, skilled and very knowledgeable in the discipline. From the start, I felt very comfortable with her. I also look forward to seeing her and listening to her gentle voice every Friday morning. I am so grateful that I have found this type of yoga and I strongly believe it is going to help me in my recovery."
Ama, Author

"Shakti is a friend and spiritual mentor to all who come to her yoga classes. Through my experience over the past three years, I've developed as a person and found strength in areas I never had before. Shakti explains the motives and outcomes of each asana so we understand when in our lives we can utilise them. On a deeper level, she has a theme for each term which relates to the changing of the seasons. A beautiful way to connect with the ebb and flow of nature."
Jordan, Professional Musician

"Shakti's classes are transformative. Her teaching style is authentic, passionate, playful and deeply spiritual. Her instructions are clear, and she is present and attentive throughout the class, taking care to ensure the environment is warm and inspiring. After every class I feel grounded and connected to my deeper and more peaceful self and my heart sings. If you a looking for a gentle, flowing yoga class that enables deep stillness and encourages an inner evolution, then I highly recommend you try one of Shakti's classes!."
Julie, Counsellor

"I have been going to Shakti's Therapeutic Yoga classes in Tecoma for many years. If you are looking for a gentle flowing Yoga that's suitable to all fitness levels, you will love her classes. Shakti is a beautiful and caring instructor with many years of experience - I would highly recommend her."
Jenny, Dru Yoga Teacher